Group and 1:1 coaching to develop and strengthen  leadership skills


"I am looking forward to having another stressful and unproductive day at work! " 

Said no one. Ever. 

Co-Evolution was founded on the basic principle that helping people to thrive at work is good for their mental health and good for business.    When people thrive at work,  rather than merely surviving, they  then deliver exceptional results  for the organization and themselves.  The two go together. 

We believe joyful productivity IS possible, regardless of what position you hold, and we bring our real world experience  of exactly how to do this to our clients. 

- Heather Sinclair, Founder of Co-Evolution

Heather Sinclair is an experienced senior executive moving easily across charitable, for-profit, start-up and social enterprises within culture, sports, technology and media industries.

Heather's focus is within small to mid-size organizations to help optimize the operational performance of individuals, teams, and boards by facilitating  conscious culture change, systems improvements and leadership development.

Our support team can scale up or down to meet your unique needs.  


With a bench strength across a broad range of fundraising, business development, operations, sales & marketing, combined with diverse industry experience and progressive leadership roles, I thrive in building bridges to drive exceptional results. 

My unique skills are described as a blend of strategic, visionary and lateral thinker with the ability to galvanize seemingly disconnected people and functions toward a common vision and shared business goals, and a calm, grounded leader in crisis situations.