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Jamie Nishino, Strategic Marketing Specialist

I had the pleasure of working with Heather 20 years ago and recently had the opportunity to engage her services for a leadership assessment. Her style is direct, kind, compassionate and fun. The insights were transformative, and gave me a powerful sense of not only who I am but how I am perceived. I feel this clarity will contribute to the evolution of both my professional and personal growth.    

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The Culture Transformation Tool has been a critical component in helping SWIM ONTARIO to align our Board, Leadership Team and myself as CEO toward a shared culture mandate that aligns with our Vision and Strategic Plan.  We engaged Heather / CO-EVOLUTION to lead the process, work with us to help make meaning of the results and a plan to move forward. 


Throughout the process Heather enabled conversations and provided coaching that allowed for respectful expression, openness and learning about positive behaviours and potentially limiting behaviours.  We have greater insights into our culture and what to do to drive more effectively towards our goals.   


Managing our culture organization wide is important to SWIM ONTARIO and we will continue to measure it as part of our strategic planning process. 

Wellness Coach

Heather is a woman of many talents. She's a supportive and encouraging boss, a true mentor, and most recently she's been, my Executive Coach. Heather doesn't just provide guidance, she invests herself in you. Your success is her success. She understands the power and benefits of personal development, and it was easy to create a safe environment that allowed me to explore different ways of being and doing. She's always believed in me and she helps me to believe in myself more every day. 

Tasleem Somji, Cultural Strategist

"Heather was instrumental in helping me to navigate through my first (and very intense) leadership position. She expertly coached me through what would be difficult times for even an experienced leader - and she did it with calm and confident precision. Heather also encouraged me to take the 360 leadership assessment and further assisted me in developing a plan to work through the results. Her vast experience with a variety of organizations meant that she could also offer little tips for leadership efficiency along the way. Most importantly, she coached me to a place where I could discover a leader within myself - without judgment or pressure. She reminded me of the goals I had set for myself and helped me to see my true path to leadership. I am now in a much clearer place and able to make leadership decisions with confidence.  I have no doubt that I am a better leader because of Heather Sinclair."

Tamara Bernier-Evans

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Patricia G.

She did an excellent job of empowering me with the tools that I needed to identify my values and priorities and helped me to implement ideas and practices to help me to achieve

greater potential.

Allison Bain, Executive Director, Heritage Toronto

A consummate strategic thinker and team leader - and one of the smartest people with whom I have had the pleasure of working.

Kelly Price, KWT Global

Heather not only challenges her clients to think differently but empowers them to find the answers within themselves.  Her compassionate, calm, and open nature allows those in her presence to feel instantly at ease, creating a safe space to examine things that may be difficult.

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